Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Ok, I've been "in danger" of failing my French, and thanks to a unnamed principals method of sorting out classes, I need that class to graduate. Now for anyone reading this, you probably think I'm an idiot. But I am not. I just don't give a shit about French, so I didn't do any of the assignments... Well I did a few but still, not many at all.

Today it was confirmed for me by the counselor here by calling someone at the school board, if I pass the final exam, because its a "public exam" course, I pass the course. So no worries at all, but I will study a bit, I intend on concentrating more on my English public exam, which is on the same day, because I only need to pass French, I need a 60+ in English to get into the course I am enrolled in.

And its the last 2 days of classes! YEA! Damn it feels good, but its not over yet. 2 days and 4 publics, one final, then its all done. It seems like highschool went so fast... I hope college is the same, because at night when I listen to music (and I always listen to music) I cant get my mind off the move to Japan.... So if college flies by, it will be all the better :D


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