Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One to go...

One and only one test to go....
Should be happy
Why aren't I?
There is so much I didn't pay attention to in this course. I love physics, the knowing of how we determine how things work, and all the restrictions of the world, or your materials.
However the teacher that teaches it on CDLI that I have this year, is monotoned. There is never any expression in his voice. Therefore everything he says is boring and very hard to pay attention to. This isn't just my opinion, the 2204 students this year from this school have the same teacher and same opinion.
So for a while I was learning everything from the book on my own (really good book too!) But that didn't last long, I got lost in other things. So for the next 4-5 hrs I'll be practicing formulae and stuff, hoping to get enough to pass the test. (public exam course, pass the test, pass the course.)


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