Thursday, June 08, 2006

Finally an explanation

Well a lot of people (even my parents, linux users) often ask me why i use linux, untill now i didnt really have an answer for them right off the bat, i had to come up with complicated ones....
Well it struck me when signing into msn here on my CDLI computer... an answer to that question:

I want things to "just work", or at least have my efforts to make them work actually produce a result. And i want things to not break themselves. Windows has given me countless hours of trouble in the last while, driving me insane, because much of the strife came from some windows updates or something similar which i HAD NO CHOICE but to do when i reinstall. And in windows when you try to fix these problems, they go so deep and oddly into the system, they cant be fixed.
Now for linux..... Shit takes time to get working in the first place, but it stays working unless YOU screw it up. Thats it, end of story.

Now if i could only randomly come up with an answer to the statement "linux sounds great, i want to try it" when it comes from someone who wants things to be as simple as possible.


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