Monday, June 12, 2006

English... BAH! dahmeryo!

Well im here working away at my english portfolio, due in 9.5 hrs, and i had to write a few poems. I figured this one was pretty good, and quite suited to the blog, seeing as how its the blog of a 'net addict :P
You might see better versions in the future, cause i kind of like it. ;)

The Internet

Inevitably growing to no end

The internet connects people

It connects computers

robots, fridges and toasters

A time is coming

In which nothing will be apart

All will be connected

Into a vast network of everything

Today, it is a game

It is a telephone

It is an assistant

a videophone, a mailbox and a library

It shall become so much more

But it is already more

The internet grows,

and stops for no one.

Many get left behind

Many get lost

The only true rulers of this world

Are the ones that know when to unplug.


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