Sunday, June 25, 2006

New name

Im now going by the name Kai. The name Chris is too common. Along with the new name comes a new attitude. Check back in a while for a link to my new blog.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One to go...

One and only one test to go....
Should be happy
Why aren't I?
There is so much I didn't pay attention to in this course. I love physics, the knowing of how we determine how things work, and all the restrictions of the world, or your materials.
However the teacher that teaches it on CDLI that I have this year, is monotoned. There is never any expression in his voice. Therefore everything he says is boring and very hard to pay attention to. This isn't just my opinion, the 2204 students this year from this school have the same teacher and same opinion.
So for a while I was learning everything from the book on my own (really good book too!) But that didn't last long, I got lost in other things. So for the next 4-5 hrs I'll be practicing formulae and stuff, hoping to get enough to pass the test. (public exam course, pass the test, pass the course.)

Monday, June 12, 2006

English... BAH! dahmeryo!

Well im here working away at my english portfolio, due in 9.5 hrs, and i had to write a few poems. I figured this one was pretty good, and quite suited to the blog, seeing as how its the blog of a 'net addict :P
You might see better versions in the future, cause i kind of like it. ;)

The Internet

Inevitably growing to no end

The internet connects people

It connects computers

robots, fridges and toasters

A time is coming

In which nothing will be apart

All will be connected

Into a vast network of everything

Today, it is a game

It is a telephone

It is an assistant

a videophone, a mailbox and a library

It shall become so much more

But it is already more

The internet grows,

and stops for no one.

Many get left behind

Many get lost

The only true rulers of this world

Are the ones that know when to unplug.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Finally an explanation

Well a lot of people (even my parents, linux users) often ask me why i use linux, untill now i didnt really have an answer for them right off the bat, i had to come up with complicated ones....
Well it struck me when signing into msn here on my CDLI computer... an answer to that question:

I want things to "just work", or at least have my efforts to make them work actually produce a result. And i want things to not break themselves. Windows has given me countless hours of trouble in the last while, driving me insane, because much of the strife came from some windows updates or something similar which i HAD NO CHOICE but to do when i reinstall. And in windows when you try to fix these problems, they go so deep and oddly into the system, they cant be fixed.
Now for linux..... Shit takes time to get working in the first place, but it stays working unless YOU screw it up. Thats it, end of story.

Now if i could only randomly come up with an answer to the statement "linux sounds great, i want to try it" when it comes from someone who wants things to be as simple as possible.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Ok, I've been "in danger" of failing my French, and thanks to a unnamed principals method of sorting out classes, I need that class to graduate. Now for anyone reading this, you probably think I'm an idiot. But I am not. I just don't give a shit about French, so I didn't do any of the assignments... Well I did a few but still, not many at all.

Today it was confirmed for me by the counselor here by calling someone at the school board, if I pass the final exam, because its a "public exam" course, I pass the course. So no worries at all, but I will study a bit, I intend on concentrating more on my English public exam, which is on the same day, because I only need to pass French, I need a 60+ in English to get into the course I am enrolled in.

And its the last 2 days of classes! YEA! Damn it feels good, but its not over yet. 2 days and 4 publics, one final, then its all done. It seems like highschool went so fast... I hope college is the same, because at night when I listen to music (and I always listen to music) I cant get my mind off the move to Japan.... So if college flies by, it will be all the better :D