Monday, May 01, 2006


I finally got off my lazy ass and posted here again.

Spring break has come and gone, along with a week to spare... Only 28 days of classes left for me... For all of my highschool days!
Also finally got a decent site up at Boxnode, for those of you that dont know, if you use irc or are thinking about it, Boxnode is the place to go. irc.boxnode.com is the irc server, boxnode.com works too, visit the website and click the chat now button to check it out, quiet in there sometimes but the more people come, the better the community gets. If you are looking for a non-strict network, thats the one.
Also finally picked a program for post secondary, not even considering university, I can get the marks but its too damn late to apply with the lower end of the range of acceptable marks for there.
I'm going to be taking Electrical Engineering Technology: Industrial Controls at College of the North Atlantic... From the descriptions... Awesome course.

Grad is in 26 actual days, the 28 days is weekdays excluding 1 holiday. Can't wait for grad. Or the end of the school year.

I'm working May 24 (Victoria day (Canada thing, but not celebrated as Victoria day, just called May two-four)) at the local park, only a small bit of cash for doing it but I've been spending time there since I was a kid when my parents did it every year, so I know the ropes, and its an excuse for me to get my deep cycle battery to lug around for my laptop. I intended to get the battery anyway, but not till this summer when I'm working on what we call "the projects" full time... ("the projects" include work around town, at the coffee shop, and the park, all students, minimum wage.)
Some electronics experts on irc.freenode.com ##electronics helped me by doing the calculations, I should get about 8 hrs of juice for my laptop from the deep cycle I'm getting, and that's at the max drain my laptop can drain. That only happens when the cpu is at 100% use, among other things being used at full capabilities. So I should easily get 12 hrs of juice with my speakers running too. (7 watts, sounds crappy, but you have not heard these speakers, they are awesome.)

That's all for now, I should start paying attention, I'm in french class right now. Oh and, for those who don't know, ie: CARA..., a deep cycle is a battery about the same size as a car battery, at least as heavy as one, that you can drain a lot more than a battery you would put in a car. If you drained the normal car battery as much as you could a deep cycle, sure it would give you about the same time of power, but it would probably NEVER charge back up, you would have killed it.
This random useless bit of information brought to you by Google and Wikipedia.


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