Thursday, May 11, 2006

Serious plans for Japan

For a long time i have always wanted to go to Japan. To live, not just to visit. Thanks to some curiousity last night, i know now thats no dream, it will soon be a reality.

I checked the price for airline tickets to japan, thanks to cheaptickets.ca, and found out an approximate cost for 2 tickets (good friend is planning on going if shes still around) 1-way, from St. John's to Tokyo... came out to be about $5200 plus taxes, and of course some larger personal items would have to be shipped along after we got there and in an apartment. so it would cost about or less than $7000 to get there, for both of us.

I have 3 years of colllege ahead of me, and i intend to be working part time for the entirety of those 3 years, except the summers, full time then. Screw getting a car, or going nuts building computers gallore, if i save right, i should have enough money to go, with money to spare, by the time im finished college.
Whats more is the program i am taking in college is more or less industrial automation, so i am almost garunteed work in that feild in Japan, if not that feild, then some other. I still want my degree, though i could skip it and go to japan, probably within 1.5 years if i wasnt going to school. I want my degree.

So the planning starts. For now my planning is going to be purely for college, with this whole notion of moving, if the cost is less, i might stay in residence on campus rather than go and split an apartment with someone. More money i save the better, because adjusting to Japan is not going to be cheap.

Update again soon!
20 days! and 16 days!


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