Monday, May 29, 2006

Long needed update

Well just to conclude the last post, i recovered from that just fine. Still dont know if it was caffeine or the flu/cold.

Recent news: one thing after another. On monday (may 22nd) i was moving a filing cabinet, and needed to take a break before we went down the hill to the basement, it was heavy! So i put it down a little fast and CRUSHED my finger between it and a rock. Untill yesterday it was swollen to twice the size and black. Then yesterday it bled off 80% of the swelling, really deep red blood because it was dead. No decent pictures, And right now its bandaged up in case the other 20% decides to come out i dont get blood everywhere.

Well grad was fun on saturday, i was nervous before but it flew by. Party was fun but would have been better if there were more people.

Now just for the next 9 days of classes, and then finals. Fun stuff, considering i have a major art project: an animation in 3D that hasnt been started yet, and is fairly long, that i only have 11 days to do it. I hope we (2 person group project) can get it done. its gonna take a lot of days staying after school and transferring files via jumpdrives to and from home.


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