Wednesday, May 10, 2006

21 Days!

Still counting the days down. 21 days of classes left, possibly only 20, still waiting on word about getting 2 days off for may 24 rather than just the standard 1. Would be a help for me, I am working at a park that weekend, and probably wont be going to school that Friday because of it, extra day off or not, it will be for me either way.

Work work work... Plenty of it, but I have it planned out on this sheet of paper in front of me, it doesn't look like much.
Got my letter of tentative acceptance to college yesterday, yes, tentative, if I fail I obviously cant get in, but I'm not going to fail :P
So many fees that have to be paid, and I still need some money to spare for grad night, can't wait, only 17 days until that.

The biggest thing that's going to eat up time is my major art project that I have to do with my friend in the class. With about 28 days left before its absolute deadline, 21 days optimal end time, all we have is a previsualization of 10 minute movie done on a whiteboard in stop motion. We are going to be doing this in a 3D program, and we both are completely new to 3D modeling, so production wont be starting until at least Monday. The final product will be posted on-line for anyone to watch, even if it is corny.
The other big thing for me is my French teacher was generous enough to re-open almost all assignments for submission from the entire year, considering I missed about 90% of them, I intend to get at least half of what he has re-opened done. If not for the grades, then for the practice for the public exam. (about the same as a SAT in the U.S.) All that is due by the 19th, which is convenient for me because its a little over a week and its also a week before grad, so I cant get two and two mixed together in the same time allotment.

Update again soon, right now all I can think of is work, so nothing really interesting going on in my head, maybe the next time I post I'll have something of interest up.
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