Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Well mom's lightly allergic to the cats. She had the blood work done today, and they have to go.

I spent a while thinking on it, very upset that smokey had to go, and thinking about how he would do... He's a very skiddish cat, and I'm worried for him.

I thought about other solutions, like having someone else look after the cats until I move into an apartment that allows them when I move to start college. But I had to look further than that before I realized, this had to happen.
Remember Japan? Yea, I'm moving there in about 3-3.5 years. I had thought about taking smokey with me a few weeks ago when I zoned off one class. There was no way I was going to put my poor skiddish cat through the torture of flying to the other side of the planet, in a tiny kennel, while being handled no better than any other luggage. It would be too much on my conscience to know that my cat was below my feet, scared as hell, cooped up with no breathing room in a kennel. No fucking way.
After remembering that train of thought, I realized, if I don't part with him now, because mom cant keep him, I would have to part with him when I left for Tokyo anyway! And it would be worse then. I have only been attached to this cat for 8 months right now. Sure, I raised him from a kitten, I still wish he was tiny enough to sleep in the palm of my hand like he could when we first got him, but if I were attached to him for 4 years, and then had to part with him, I wouldn't be able to do it. I would call off moving just because of my cat.

And so, I don't know when exactly they will be going to the SPCA, but I'll be trying to make it be after exams. Just to have a little longer with my cat, a little longer for me to convince myself he'll be ok. I will be trying to set up a system with the SPCA though so that I get informed when he gets adopted again, not who adopted him, or anything specific. Just when it happens, I want to know. Or, if he doesn't get adopted, I want to know if/when they have him listed as to be put down if not adopted in X days, at that point I'll be going nuts to make sure he gets adopted. Wasting every resource I can just to keep that cat alive, and get him into a family that will at least provide him a life he can be happy (for a cat) in, I don't care if he's pampered to no end, just that he's happy for a cat, that is if he has the food he needs, a place to crap, and a warm bed he can waste his life away in, as any cat does, and attention when he wants it. That's all. If I know he wasn't put down, I'll be fine. But if I hear absolutely nothing I'll go off my head.

Bandit I still care about too, I'm just not attached to him the same. I don't want him put down either, however I am not so desperate to find a home. I think its because he's a lot cuter than smokey, being a long haird cat that's very sociable, so I think he'll be adopted just fine. Smokey probably will be too, I just cant stand the notion of the possibility.

Well, all will be well in the end, I just don't know what I'm going to do for the next 3 years. I have always been a cat lover, and I will be getting a cat as soon as I can in Tokyo, but I cant get a cat for the next 3 years, or keep one I have, its too much to loose them. I've lost too many cats in my life, I cant be separated from one by choice. Well, we'll see what happens, I have this blog don't I? I'll find something to put my attention into.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Long needed update

Well just to conclude the last post, i recovered from that just fine. Still dont know if it was caffeine or the flu/cold.

Recent news: one thing after another. On monday (may 22nd) i was moving a filing cabinet, and needed to take a break before we went down the hill to the basement, it was heavy! So i put it down a little fast and CRUSHED my finger between it and a rock. Untill yesterday it was swollen to twice the size and black. Then yesterday it bled off 80% of the swelling, really deep red blood because it was dead. No decent pictures, And right now its bandaged up in case the other 20% decides to come out i dont get blood everywhere.

Well grad was fun on saturday, i was nervous before but it flew by. Party was fun but would have been better if there were more people.

Now just for the next 9 days of classes, and then finals. Fun stuff, considering i have a major art project: an animation in 3D that hasnt been started yet, and is fairly long, that i only have 11 days to do it. I hope we (2 person group project) can get it done. its gonna take a lot of days staying after school and transferring files via jumpdrives to and from home.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Caffeine deprivation = bad.

Ok, background info:
I HATE the taste of the water here, unlike everyone else, who prefers our water. I prefer well/city service water.
therefore I only drink the water if its diluted with something that has a taste, ie: canned drink mix, or something that doesn't use the water at all, bogwater (pepsi, cocacola, cheap knockoffs of either).
Recently all I've been drinking is bogwater.. I've practically become immune to caffeine, or so I thought.

Well today I had an energy high, then an extreme low. Right now I'm extremely tired, no appetite, headache, freezing cold. Similar symptoms to a cold/flu, I know, but its not. I'm positive its not, given the fact that I've come OFF of caffeine for the past few days, almost half a week.
Well mom bought some more bogwater today, so I'm back on the caffeine. I hope it kicks in before tonight, it seems its working already, but I don't know yet.
Still a remote possibility that its a cold/flu, but I doubt it.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Just a picture

NO hes not pissed off. hes yawning.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Serious plans for Japan

For a long time i have always wanted to go to Japan. To live, not just to visit. Thanks to some curiousity last night, i know now thats no dream, it will soon be a reality.

I checked the price for airline tickets to japan, thanks to cheaptickets.ca, and found out an approximate cost for 2 tickets (good friend is planning on going if shes still around) 1-way, from St. John's to Tokyo... came out to be about $5200 plus taxes, and of course some larger personal items would have to be shipped along after we got there and in an apartment. so it would cost about or less than $7000 to get there, for both of us.

I have 3 years of colllege ahead of me, and i intend to be working part time for the entirety of those 3 years, except the summers, full time then. Screw getting a car, or going nuts building computers gallore, if i save right, i should have enough money to go, with money to spare, by the time im finished college.
Whats more is the program i am taking in college is more or less industrial automation, so i am almost garunteed work in that feild in Japan, if not that feild, then some other. I still want my degree, though i could skip it and go to japan, probably within 1.5 years if i wasnt going to school. I want my degree.

So the planning starts. For now my planning is going to be purely for college, with this whole notion of moving, if the cost is less, i might stay in residence on campus rather than go and split an apartment with someone. More money i save the better, because adjusting to Japan is not going to be cheap.

Update again soon!
20 days! and 16 days!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

21 Days!

Still counting the days down. 21 days of classes left, possibly only 20, still waiting on word about getting 2 days off for may 24 rather than just the standard 1. Would be a help for me, I am working at a park that weekend, and probably wont be going to school that Friday because of it, extra day off or not, it will be for me either way.

Work work work... Plenty of it, but I have it planned out on this sheet of paper in front of me, it doesn't look like much.
Got my letter of tentative acceptance to college yesterday, yes, tentative, if I fail I obviously cant get in, but I'm not going to fail :P
So many fees that have to be paid, and I still need some money to spare for grad night, can't wait, only 17 days until that.

The biggest thing that's going to eat up time is my major art project that I have to do with my friend in the class. With about 28 days left before its absolute deadline, 21 days optimal end time, all we have is a previsualization of 10 minute movie done on a whiteboard in stop motion. We are going to be doing this in a 3D program, and we both are completely new to 3D modeling, so production wont be starting until at least Monday. The final product will be posted on-line for anyone to watch, even if it is corny.
The other big thing for me is my French teacher was generous enough to re-open almost all assignments for submission from the entire year, considering I missed about 90% of them, I intend to get at least half of what he has re-opened done. If not for the grades, then for the practice for the public exam. (about the same as a SAT in the U.S.) All that is due by the 19th, which is convenient for me because its a little over a week and its also a week before grad, so I cant get two and two mixed together in the same time allotment.

Update again soon, right now all I can think of is work, so nothing really interesting going on in my head, maybe the next time I post I'll have something of interest up.
*clicks spellcheck button*

Monday, May 01, 2006


I finally got off my lazy ass and posted here again.

Spring break has come and gone, along with a week to spare... Only 28 days of classes left for me... For all of my highschool days!
Also finally got a decent site up at Boxnode, for those of you that dont know, if you use irc or are thinking about it, Boxnode is the place to go. irc.boxnode.com is the irc server, boxnode.com works too, visit the website and click the chat now button to check it out, quiet in there sometimes but the more people come, the better the community gets. If you are looking for a non-strict network, thats the one.
Also finally picked a program for post secondary, not even considering university, I can get the marks but its too damn late to apply with the lower end of the range of acceptable marks for there.
I'm going to be taking Electrical Engineering Technology: Industrial Controls at College of the North Atlantic... From the descriptions... Awesome course.

Grad is in 26 actual days, the 28 days is weekdays excluding 1 holiday. Can't wait for grad. Or the end of the school year.

I'm working May 24 (Victoria day (Canada thing, but not celebrated as Victoria day, just called May two-four)) at the local park, only a small bit of cash for doing it but I've been spending time there since I was a kid when my parents did it every year, so I know the ropes, and its an excuse for me to get my deep cycle battery to lug around for my laptop. I intended to get the battery anyway, but not till this summer when I'm working on what we call "the projects" full time... ("the projects" include work around town, at the coffee shop, and the park, all students, minimum wage.)
Some electronics experts on irc.freenode.com ##electronics helped me by doing the calculations, I should get about 8 hrs of juice for my laptop from the deep cycle I'm getting, and that's at the max drain my laptop can drain. That only happens when the cpu is at 100% use, among other things being used at full capabilities. So I should easily get 12 hrs of juice with my speakers running too. (7 watts, sounds crappy, but you have not heard these speakers, they are awesome.)

That's all for now, I should start paying attention, I'm in french class right now. Oh and, for those who don't know, ie: CARA..., a deep cycle is a battery about the same size as a car battery, at least as heavy as one, that you can drain a lot more than a battery you would put in a car. If you drained the normal car battery as much as you could a deep cycle, sure it would give you about the same time of power, but it would probably NEVER charge back up, you would have killed it.
This random useless bit of information brought to you by Google and Wikipedia.