Thursday, April 06, 2006


Well my brother in law was cleaning out his truck (transport truck), so he had parked it next to his house... all was well.. it moved a little gravel but nothing serious....

Then when he went to drive out of the driveway, yea.... not so easy... make that impossible.
The truck had gotten itself in an odd grade on the ground, and the weather had become a little damp. So the truck got kind of.. stuck... its the way this particular volvo is designed to have forward power... one of the two rear axels gets off even ground and if it isnt moving good enough to go on over the uneven-ness, it comes to a halt.

Now, normally its no big deal, a half hour or so at max to get out of... but remember i mentioned the weather had gotten damp? well the driveway had become about the consistancy of silly putty in the spot the truck was, and behind it.
We tried EVERYTHING to get it to move, it would make an inch progress here and there, and then sink more. We called around for help but all the real heavy equipment that would have done the job wasnt in the town, they were doing work outside of town, and it was 10:30pm. A 4-wheel truck couldnt help, and almost got itself stuck. The same guy had a bobcat, so he brought that, it too nearly got stuck, and made little to no progress in helping the truck out.
Then the guy says "wait a minute, aren't there fuel tanks on both sides?"... everyones expression changed, and i handed my brother in law the flashlight, he looks and the thing is on the ground. We had to stop right there and then, it hadnt leaked or been damaged... YET. but if we continued, it was almost inevitable that it would rupture, leaking a hell of a lot of fuel.

So here it is, 1:30am, and im beat to a snot, and worried that problems could get worse. I can only imagine how crazy my brother in law is going... He is worried for his job, but me and my sister keep reassureing him his boss isnt that bad at understanding. I'll be going back in a few hours after we all catch some sleep, We are hoping that a local construction businessman will be able to take the time to send an excavator and a worker or two over to help by lifting the thing up, one end at a time, and laying it on stable ground. I'll miss some school but im sure that my teachers will understand this kind of situation... its not every day that a family member gets stuck in this deep... litterally.
Sorry, no pictures, i was too busy, i might try to take some tomorrow but i give that a 1/20 chance... its gonna be busy enough there.


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