Friday, April 07, 2006

Catastrophy averted

Well things like these make people believe in a god... but not me... i will be puzzled however how the hell these things lined up the way they did...

In this area theres always at least one excavator around, but not yesterday or the night before... biggest thing around was a bobcat. And that was useless to move a transport truck, we tried. Time after time, person by person, the equipment wasnt in the area, but then we got a loan of a 20 tonne bottle jack.

After about 2 hours of jacking the front, moving crushed stone under the wheel, dropping it, raising the jack, repeating, then giving the back wheels grip, the ones that actually do the turning, trying it, repeating, it finally moved, be it forward, it moved. There was no other way to go, and we had inched the truck a safe distance away from the house, so my brother in law had just gotten so frustrated that he said the hell with it and tried going forward, and bearly got it right, theres a shed across the driveway from where he was stuck. Then he was able to back up again and quickly get turned to line up with the driveway, because any hesitation would have meant it would sink again.
Then another peice of that series of events that makes you scratch your head, there was a thunderstorm moving in, and when we were on the road trying to get the excavator, it was pouring down rain, but while we were working, it bearly even misted. Then when it was out of the hole, it poured down rain and stayed that way for most of the night. Weird, Eh? I still dont believe in god. But man it was a relief to see that truck out of that mud hole. And as edison said "i didnt go wrong 1000 times, i just found a 1000 ways not to make a light bulb." We found about 10 ways not to get a transport truck out of mud without any heavy equipment, and one way to do it. A hell of a lot better than his boss getting a $1200+ bill to have it lifted out.


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