Saturday, March 18, 2006

wait, is that smell toast or ciruit borads?

Well, tests FAILED. i poked and prodded at that old mobo without its stuff in it, just bios chip and power... tests turned out ok till i turned on the power... damn thing got hot in the same spot and burnt my finger while it was at it. nice bit of smoke but the house is still standing. i did these tests without the cpu/ram/pci cards in it.

On one side it sucks that its dead. On the other its good cause now i have the incentive to sell the parts from it, which the money will be used towards my new system. with all the junk i have to sell, and these parts added (ive gotten that cpu up to 700mhz but the board couldnt handle it past POST, so its worth a bit, and theres 3 128mb DIMMs there too) i should be able to get my psu, tiny amount of ram and a .. ugh.. dare i say it.. sempron processor... but hey its a start and i can resell the proc when i get a better one.

I'll add the pictures to the previous post shortly.


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