Saturday, March 18, 2006

That wonderfull smell of burning circuit boards...

Well today i kicked off the start of building my new computer. Got a new case, didnt get the power supply with it, dont need it yet. well i might now...

put it all together, and just now went to turn it on to figure out the lights connectors on the mobo. well i turned it on, and i hear this little crackleing noise, i figured it was the cats... seconds later the computer sets out a beep code and i look down, to see the start of a few sparks and a flame!
I yanked the power cable as fast as i could. the flame went out, was only small, but still charred my brand new case.
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sorry that the pics are blurry, neither camera here takes good close ups at night.

Now, WTF happened? i know this powersupply is cranky sometimes but i dont think that was it. the thing went off on ONE and ONLY ONE screw, the top left one. its an older smaller ATX board. i used the new insulator red little rings and the screws and risers from the pack of screws in the case, and looking at the thing, thats not what went poof... it was on the other side, the side that touches the riser... but... that had no probs before... and theres no pathways there, just the silver ring thats on all the spots... but why did it happen to just that one screw?

well im still lost about that. i'll post some pics tomorrow, i took them just now.. but i wont be powering that thing back on for a bit yet. i dont think anything is damaged, unless thats what started this. that is i dont think this has killed anything. just wont sleep well with that smell lingering in my room....


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