Wednesday, March 15, 2006


forgot to post again... i need to make it a habbit to post once a day or so, i have lots of thoughts that need to be posted, but forget them too quickly.

Anyway, a little update...

After waiting 4 weeks for acer to send purolator to pick up my laptop, i called them on thursday. Seemed a little strange, i didnt get any menu items or anything, just patched right to a customer rep. She looks at my request and says "hm, its not marked as needing pickup..." so she got my address and said "ok, they'll be there today" ... they were at my door at suppertime.
Yesterday i got a notice via email that they had recieved it. Can't wait to get it back now.

And in the weather ;) RAIN! yea w00t rain. Finally the snow is melting. Maybe now Alaint will finally give us highspeed.

Anyway thats all for now, should update this more often now...


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