Thursday, March 23, 2006

Laptop is back!

Well I got my laptop back on Tuesday, worked great for a few hours, but then started what it did before it died last time. According to the sheet they sent back with it, they flashed the bios and replaced the cpu... I've been tweaking the heatsink relentlessly, thinking its been doing the trick, as its been staying on longer every time I do it, but now I'm not sure, it might be the ram...
The unit would NOT turn on even after tweaking the cpu heatsink... So I swapped the ram between sockets.. and poof.. it worked again. It's hard to say if that actually did it, or if its just another coincidence... But the ram is directly below the touchpad, on the other side of the board, and the touchpad gets EXTREMELY hot sometimes even when the ram isn't getting a workout... Now its nice and just warm again.. So, do the math. I've been intending to get a Linux compatible wifi card for this thing, and upgrade the ram to 1 GB, but haven't gotten around to it, I might now...


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