Friday, February 17, 2006

Still waiting....

Well its been about 2 weeks now since my problems with my laptop started. For those of you who dont know, my motherboard died. I sent in a request for service to have them pick it up and everything.. they were supposed to be here last friday... never came. Here it is one week later and still my laptop is sitting in a box by the door. I'm growing impatient.

On another note my project to set up a system using Linux to automate the local school's bells via the PA is up and running. Just not sitting on the network yet, i either need to get an old switch working or make a crossover cable to complete that. On the custom web GUI for it (only accessable on the LAN) is nowhere near done.. bearly started.

The push to get highspeed might yet work, perhaps when Aliant recieves the petitions they will stop being lazy and bear with the cold for a few days to get the lines to North Harbour up. Or to at least put the unit in here. I'm sure that once they explain to the residents of north harbour how close they are to completeing the project there that they will be fine with the unit for here being installed now.


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